Costa Rica, the land of opportunity and luxury.

IMG_0027 (3) IMG_0036 (3) IMG_0037 (2) IMG_0040 (3) IMG_0041 IMG_0044 IMG_0050 (2) IMG_0054 IMG_0064 IMG_0068I was just thinking, why did I join LinkedIn?

Sure, we all have something to promote, but I find that it seems to fall into a collection of making some potentially exciting connections, but we don’t. Why should we let things fizzle out after I click CONNECT?

I would think that now is time for introductions.  Is our goal to be popular and have a lot of connections? Sure it is. But, alone, that is not real fulfilling.

We need an audience in which to promote ourselves. I am finishing FREE SPIRIT FITNESS, the first book in a series of three that I promised to readers of my blog last year who asked me for more.

A book was the only way to keep pace. So, don’t misinterpret it if my photos are shirtless, bordering seductive. It is not because I need validation. With the reader comments I collected, now called UNSOLICITED READER TESTIMONIES, I ended up with all of the validation I could need ever want.

When I read what readers have said, I did not even feel worthy at first. But, my free-spirit nature came to life and liberated me in ways I was unfamiliar to for the first time.

I have been poking around with this idea to open my own talent agency. There is a lot of talent out there, and over the past decade, I would only need myself as my client.

I have said that I do not want to sell one project, I want to sell one after another. Now I can showcase a library.

Nothing happens until the sale is made. I had the reputation and the recognition to prove that I was the best salesperson in a mid-size company.

Even though I was in the most depressed geographical reason, the CEO remarked that I was the top-ranked salesman in my first 12 months as an employee. He gave me the top ranking when he announced my promotion to management. I still remember standing on the beach watching the Sun close the final time on 1995 in Turks and Caicos. The company brass was there and paid my tab.

So, it would appear that I have just the right skill set. I am a writer who can sell, or a salesman who can write. Plus, being a certified fitness trainer has made me popular, but nothing like the blog I had last year.

I remember the day. It was November 2012, and I was in Costa Rica. I picked up my laptop and noticed that my inbox was swelling. I was getting one notification after another from WordPress that another reader left a comment that needed moderated.

I had already written the first draft of FREE SPIRIT FITNESS and inadvertently posted my notes. I began responding to the comments, but found myself losing pace. After working all day answering them, I looked up and still had like 2,600 to go.

There comments were so kind and they always asked for more. One asked me how I got listed on Yahoo news…it was news to me that I did. One reader said I was on the first page of every major search engine in an industry like fitness.

I was asked by many readers to write a book. There was no way I would be able to answer each of them, so I made that promise.

Now, I am about to deliver three self help books and had 5000 reader comments come in in less than four months. I had 3,200 legitimate reader comments, now called UNSOLICITED READER TESTIMONIES to sell my books for me.

I remember the moment that I realized the scale of people I could help was cosmic. There was a real demand, and I had the supply. I actually broke down with emotion. Tears of happiness streamed down my cheek when I read how one reader used my advice and it kept him from making a huge mistake that could have been very costly. One gracious reader after another had such kind things to say. I was asked to write a book. What validation! I am doing the right thing, and more importantly, I am doing it for the right reasons.

I suspended work on my big-ticket projects (Jimmy Komet Fiction Presents) and all of the copyrights to focus on helping others live a better life. Starting with health, I am going to teach the world how to remove the shackles of convention and live according to a philosophy that does nothing but shows you the power of your mind and how to use freewill to achieve the life you want.

That is me. My friends call me by my middle name, Kris. Even if we share little to no common ground professionally, people are people no matter where you go. I have done my part and reached out to make you more than a connection. I want to make new friends. If we are alike, it will not be long before we become friends.

I am a free spirit and I love it. Thank you for accepting my connection, now that I actually made one. I hope a friendship has started, but if not, it is still a pleasure to make your acquaintance.















So…if I have valuable information that I can share,

The capacity to share it in a way it could be learned

The reader population would parallel the response to my blog. That got me on Yahoo News, and FREE SPIRIT FITNESS will be my first best-seller. EPIPHANY 2004 will be right behind it, and THE TRAVEL CHRONICLES…VOL I. would wrap it up.


It is a lesson in using your freewill to live a better life. I am not out to sell you supplements, and endorse nothing except more protein. Starving yourself is like saying this should take longer. Give your body what it needs to adapt. That is conditioning and nutrients. Give it a fair amount.


Health is where thing begin and end. Your quality of life CAN be limited by a disability. As much as I would try to evoke faith in my body making a recovery, I adapt my perception of it. I am quick to remind myself that I could have snapped my neck just like that the other night…I cant even think about being home alone.


But even if it is not just that, there are opportunities here (or really anywhere) to meet people who could turn out to be a person that changes your life. It could be that one person who was looking for you.


When do you know that you will fall into an acquaintance with other people, and prosper from the relationship? We do not need to all share profession to learn we have much in common.


People can always be counted on to be people.


Why bother connecting if it has no meaning? Then, it occurred to me that I am no different than anyone else. Can I claim that I make all of the effort and everyone ignores me?


So I am Kris. You may, or may not hear from me again. If you respond in like, have an ounce of charm and you are not an ass, I would like to know more about what you do to fill up the hours of your day.


BTW, just kidding, I don’t care if you’re an ass. I pity you. When has being an ass really ever had a payoff? To each their own. I am not your judge.

But, I am no one’s judge. We are all busy, but I type fast. It helps when you are an author. I have written a book. Actually, it is the first of three.


The blog I mentioned earlier was only active for four months and attracted some 5000 reader comments. The scale of people I can help made a mature man like me to

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